Tuesday, January 1, 2008

How many licks does it take....

So let's see....new job, new field....that'll be 4 months of your blogging life, please.

So, at the end of August, I started a new job as a database programmer. A pretty significant step up from my previous position as a report writer not just in database but in automation as well. The shop I moved to is using the Opalis Robot as their automation/scheduling core. A nice product with some kickin' features; however, we are a full version behind and really need to move to get caught up and take advantage of their new version.

Anyway, I'm back and just posted a new category of articles. There are so many dialogs in QM that help you build code and make it much easier, I thought I'd start going over them. I call them 'Code Grinders'. And like a saugsage grinder, you put a bunch of unrealated food products into the top, flip the switch, and it mashes them all together into a nice neat stretched intestinal package. Anyway, the first in on File Enumeration. Ever need to get the list of files in a directory one at a time? Now you can with the Code Grinder:File Enumeration.

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