Saturday, April 7, 2007


I was talking to a guy at work the other day and we were discussing automation. He was curious as to why I was so gun-ho about automation; I told him that my driving force behind it was "INDIGNATION"!! If we can send men to the moon with a slide-ruler, then surely there's a way that I can keep from typing the same lines over and over and over (no, I still do not administrate that system contact ITS).

Yes, it is obvious why you would want to automate processes but as this is the beginning of this blog I'll go ahead and outline them so we can all start on the same page. Besides, I'm betting I have one benefit that you haven't thought of yet. 80)

The first reason is to free me up to do tasks that the computer isn't good at, like: what do I want to have for second breakfast or does this keyboard make me look fat? You know, the important stuff. The second reason is, things are done more accurately when you let the computer do it. Of course, you have to have accurate code in there to begin with but that's what this blog is about. The third reason is so that the tasks get done even if I'm not there. No training, no frantic calls from the nearly dead cellphone trying to explain how to get a report published. And the fourth reason is that you only have to be polite once. It doesn't matter if this is the 17th time you've answered the question since you got into work (and you haven't even had elevenses yet!). You can be as mad as you want and cuss the users till you pass out and hit your head on your faux targh-leather messenger bag but your email response is just as sweet as honey-laced ambrosia served by a Jewish grand-mother who hasn't seen you in too long.

So, as we approach these up coming code examples remember to gird your loins with your best winter kilt of Indignation and drink deep the cup of Vexation and remember "If you do something more than once, you're a sucker."

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